Google Goggles

It's finally out.

For Google fans, there's a good news. Android has opened out a new application called the 'Google Goggles'. It's on the same line as is discussed on my post Project Glass

Just in short, the application enables you to take a snap or a recording of anything around you. It then scans the image/recording and then provides information about the object you've recorded.

A good aspect of this app is that it's available for free :)

But there's a bad news too. It works well only for a few things like Text, Products,Landmarks, Logos, Artwork, Barcodes and a few more objects. Doesn't quite give a good experience with Furniture, Apparel and Animals.

The obvious reason being that things listed it works fine with, Google has taken initiatives to store and acquire such type of data with them. Artwork has been captured through their Art Project, Landmarks using Google Maps, Products and Logos using Images that they have stored using Picassa.

Overall it's a good application. It needs work on a lot of areas though before it can becomes foolproof.

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