Google's Helium Balloon initiative to get the entire planet online

Yes, get the entire planet online.

It is a huge challenge but that's what innovation is all about. Challenges.

Their team has suspended a thin polyethylene film helium filled balloon of 15 meters in diameter when fully inflated. This balloon is suspended about 12 miles above the earth's surface in the stratosphere.

The intention: Called the 'Project Loon', the idea is to enable the rural as well as the backward urban population get connected to the Internet. This helium balloon was developed in the Google X Labs with the purpose to connect the 4.8 billion people who are not online.

With about 18 months of work behind this project, this balloon has been launched in New Zealand. In order to connect to this giant balloon, it would need a bright red, basketball size receiver and pin it to the outside of their home.

The balloon will come equipped with flight computers, and Google would control the balloon's altitude from the ground, keeping them moving along a desired channel by using winds at different heights.

This would deviate from the traditional way of providing Internet connection with the help of underground fibre cables. The only challenge is to control the movement of the balloon across changing weather and environmental conditions and to keep the balloon afloat. Also trying to manage a fleet of balloons will be tougher.

On a more positive note, a huge welcome to the new members of the Internet.

Enjoyy :)

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