What do we need to learn right now from increasing technological advancement

The ever increasing technological advancement and also our ever increasing dependance on the same is very well known now.

We browse the internet, gain information and insights on subjects that affects us. Even for the most common and silly ones too. We use to do list applications on our smart phones. They help us not to miss any crucial tasks, provide us reminders and other notifications.

We use the in-built calculator for performing even the most simple calculations. We have applications for other purposes that do most of the crucial tasks at the back and provide us with relevant data and analysis.

We devote a lot of our time to online gaming, streaming music and videos, chatting and uploading our social content online.We are letting our smart phones do all the hard work. Rightly so, but in return we may be letting ourselves become not so smart.

We may be applying less of our own brains in everyday tasks. We tend to spend more of our time online rather than spending it on offline tasks.Our computer oriented tasks then make us spend even less time off it. We may be spending less time on exercising, proper nutrition and applying less brains in everyday tasks which in due course of time lessens our capabilities and also lessens our flexibility needed for tasks of varying nature.

For physical and strength training, we should use the health applications that are provided on our smart phones itself no doubt. They help us track our performance and provide us tips and help us follow a well planned schedule. Something which we should not miss at all.

The key here obviously is to strike a balance between how much task we allow our tabs or smart phones to perform. For short to do lists we should be trying to remember the list by our own. Short and complex calculations can also be performed by our sharp minds :). When we do some of the hard work we keep ourselves active and respond positively to the varying type of work.
 In short, we should be proactive in performing tasks that are simple and takes less time. Else in some time, it may eventually get the better of us.

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