Yahoo melts Rock

In continuation of its trend to acquire many small-scale businesses, Yahoo has again bought a kind of a social web browser.

Called as Rockmelt, this web browser was started in 2009 with an intention to make the Web faster and more fun. Basically it showcases the best and interesting data from the Web. A good idea really. This is the link here

It has introduced a version for Smartphones and Tablets. You would love spending your time and browsing the content there. It also has its browser contents tied to Facebook's social media network.

Yahoo is going great guns to stay in the competition of gaining traffic for its web content. After acquiring Tumblr with a large bid amount, Rockmelt and also other companies, it seems pretty clear that Yahoo is in the race alongside Google and FB of becoming leaders in web content.

Some of its services like Yahoo messenger, Ymail, Yahoo search, Finance and other products are already going great. And with addition of Tumblr and Rockmelt now, it only seems to be getting better with every passing day.

Interesting to see now what actions others will take. Enjoy :)

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