Google's Augmented Eyewear - Project Glass?

Google is at an all time revelation make. The normal eye-wear may just be a thing of the past now. Google X was started by Google Labs with an intention to develop amazing technologies. And this one gets very close to the WOW moment one can imagine of.

The're on the verge of developing an eye-wear which can show you maps, chats, route directions and much more than one can think of. Street view, Friend lists etc etc. Thinking is one thing but thinking and making it is another.

It really takes brilliance to do something like that and Google aren't short of it. With a host of new devices and inventions, this one takes the cake. I had posted an article about Apple developing a seriously cool I-phone . Well at least I can't wait to lay my hands on these techno freak devices.

Competition is better and who knows what these guys will come up with next. It only gets better :) . But time and again they have proved to be the masters of technology and innovation and this one just makes it a little more interesting.

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