The Best Top 10 Games on Android Play Store

Android since its initiation has seen a host of games getting launched and enjoyed by its users all across the globe. Such is the popularity and its competitiveness along with other OS makers to deliver the very good and give an enthralling gaming experience.

Games in all kinds and categories like Racing, Arcade, Brain teasers, Card games etc. are available and popular on the Android platform. Below is my personal list of the 10 best games that this OS has to offer. This is in terms of game play, time spent on user experience and game effects. The order of the games listed is immaterial.

1. Subway Surfers: Running games have become a trend and this one is better in the play store. Starting with Paris, it is a real pass time. The next version in China should and hopefully will not disappoint the users.

2. Angry Birds: One of the firsts in quality game play Angry Birds is still ruling the Play Store. The Space, Star Wars, Rio and Classic version of this game has been an immense pleasure to play and enjoy. Well done !!!

3. World of Goo: It has given immense positive response from the gamer community worldwide. The concept and game play are simply outstanding. One of the similar games Where's my Water is also very gripping and very intuitive.

4. Sonic 4 Episode II HD: Sega has always given us the best in game play. Sonic Episode I and II are real fun and good to enjoy. Very gripping and an amazing gaming experience as always.

5. Need for Speed:  The classic NFS was a real treat for racers. The PC version was simply brilliant and the phone version is no exception. Most Wanted and Shift provide ultimate racing experience. The sounds and the graphics are truly worth enjoying.

6. Asphalt: The ultimate in racing, Asphalt works magnificently in phones and tablets. The speed and the adrenaline can only be experienced on this one. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline and 7 are truly the best in racing.

7. Home Run Battle: This is the best Baseball game that you can find on Android. The second version Home Run Battle 3D is also worth it. I have spent a LOT of time on this game. It still exists on my phone and I doubt it would ever leave. A worth to download for every Baseball fan.

8. Temple Run: The first and the most popular run games on the store till date, Temple Run is very addictive and gripping. The concept is very original and the game play is brilliant. The second version in 3D is very exciting and outstanding in every aspect.

9. Prince of Persia: I still remember playing the DOS version of POP. And the new versions have lived up to the expectations. The Classic; Shadow&Flame version of POP has extremely brilliant and magnificent game and sound effects. Truly a hit.

10. Tank Recon 3D: The most enjoyable tank game I've played so far. After Recoil that i played on my PC, Tank Recon looks very real and the graphics and sound effects are marvelous. Very enjoyable

Others like GTA III, Infinite Flight, Air Control HD also are really good in their execution and experience.

These games are the best in game play, sound effects, graphics and overall user experience which makes them for a worthy mention. Enjoy :)

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