Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality means unreal reality, an environment that is not real at all like we experience in our life, but is a simulation. A not so real replica of the life that we live in.

In other words it is also called as "Augmented Reality".

Digital information is displayed which can take the form of an image or a visual to the user. It is an artificial environment created with the use of real world as well as computer generated data.

An example is the trilogy movie "Matrix", where the actors enter the virtual reality environment called the Matrix and fight off the machines.

Some other instances are the video games, computer games, game consoles that we have played and spent time on over the years. Using the joystick our actions control the game as we play it and accordingly create a situation. And we do the same in our everyday life as well.

In most visuals related to Virtual Reality, we see people wearing huge dark glasses that seem to cover their entire head at a time and sometimes holding an object that they can control with their hands to glide away or perform some action.

The thing they wear on their heads is the headgear to watch the simulated visuals whereas the object in the hand can be a joystick, a gun in case of a shootout environment, a bionic gear for instance so that they can watch their hand movements on the screen being converted to the hand movements of an animated character.

The environment becomes a 3-dimensional environment that can also resemble an actual scene. The intention is to make the scene as real as possible so other objects like people, skies, vehicles, traffic, the nature etc. are added on purpose.

Such simulations are used in military training so as to hunt down an enemy bunker for training, in sports, as form of entertainment in parks and in medical research for the blind or for the brain infected who find it difficult to see actual life.

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