Welcome 2015 !!!

The year that was 2014, saw a lot of technological advances. From smart watches to smart phone advancement. From smart living to smart utilities. From smart apps to smart living, it saw everything.

Google Glass, 3D printing (almost anything), Genome Editing, Agile Robots, Smart Apps for smartphones, precision comet landing, Agricultural drones, New information on Brain Mapping, disposing of plastic permanently, medical advances and so much much more. Phew !!! The list is endless.

And this year will see even more technological breakthroughs. 

The clever spoon that will enable disabled people to land the food laden spoon properly into their mouths, the invisibility cloak that would make you disappear in real, 3D printing new and improved mechanisms, camera sensors that does not involve using flash, implants to enable paralyzed people walk again, health trackers to prevent emergencies, tech going green and this and that and so on.

We have super cars, super bikes, super sensors, superman what not. fitness trackers, improved solar power devices, bionic legs, electric vehicles. I'm tired.

It will come costly though but why not just watch it and get updated about it. This is what is happening around us, there is a lot around us and this is just the beginning.

So sit back and relax. You will be aww'ed at the pace we are going. And we're reaching there in good time.

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