How Hawkeye Works

Hawkeye is a widely used system which was first developed in Hampshire,UK. It is used to know the future course of the moving object used in an on-going activity. Hawkeye is used in activities like sports where you may need to know what will be the trajectory of the object that is being played with.

It is currently used in sports like Cricket, Tennis, Snooker and a whole lot of other activities to adjudicate decisions in these sports because tracking movement of an object becomes difficult when it goes along with a fast pace. 

In order to determine the trajectory of the object, the movement of the moving object is captured using many number of cameras at the same time which record its movement. The cameras provide the data frame by frame. Using the data that is obtained from the multiple number of cameras which provide the 2D location, a 3D location then needs to be found out. Also the height, the speed, and the movement of the object in the next frame needs to be found out.

All this data is then sent to another machine which combines the information and finds out the exact trajectory of the object. It also stores the data to be viewed for later reference i.e. a ball by ball analysis . It is also used for other tasks like virtual representation, graphs, replays and other tasks. 

The system is not fullproof though. On some occasions only, it had shown wrong results which makes the system just a little unreliable. But overall, a cool tech stuff.

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