Access Netflix from other than host country

Netflix has become the to be most accessed online streamed content and no surprise that with every passing day more people want to subscribe to its services.

The content that they bring on the plate is tough to beat. Movies, daily watched soaps, TV series. You name it, they stream it. Plus the quality of the content is awesome.

But suppose if you subscribe to them and suddenly you move out of the country, how in the world are you supposed to access Netflix. It's allowed for the residents of the USA only.

In such a case, you can make use of a VPN service. It's called a Virtual Private Network. That while accessing the website you can access the Netflix server with a local IP address.

So without getting much into the non required details, I will mention how to access Netflix from other than the host state. By the way, you can download several other VPN softwares from the internet too. Some offer a trial period and some need to be a premium account. I started using proXPN.

Several other softwares available are HMA, vyprVPN, openVPN and a lot others.

You first need to download the software itself. You can do this from

Install the software

Then complete the setup and create an account on its website. You can create a free 
account or a premium account. The difference is that with a premium account you can surf
 with more speed and with this the download speed increases.

On starting the software, provide the user id and the password and you will get the below
interface on the screen.

You can connect from different locations using a premium account. The premium account
has loads of facilities as compared to a basic one.

That's it. Just connect and you will be able to access the Netflix website. 

And then you know what to do :)

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