Yahoo lands on Tumblr

News is that the net giant Yahoo may be on its way to acquire the six year old social blogging website start up Tumblr for a swanky 1$ billion. How cool is that !!!

But it may not be the same from Tumblr users so as to speak. Users across the world have revealed their distress, unhappiness and a sign of zero excitement towards this deal. After all, Yahoo would want their websites to be clean and rich. Click here.

Microsoft and Facebook may also be in the race to buy Tumblr because they too want to see themselves more in the posts that the users create and refer all throughout the day and night across the world. It would be a huge and a major development for any organization that may have its hands full on this deal.

Facebook would definitely want to be in the race since they also tried to buy out Watsapp messenger services for a billion dollars for increasing their visibility on the net. And they may do that by offering some million dollars more. But FB already has a billion users signed in and Microsoft is into products industries lest they want to get involved into user social activities.

I personally feel Microsoft should involve themselves more into public networks to increase their visibility and   gain highest support of the users across the globe. This would mean good and healthy competition and great expectations from a worthy and a quality competitor.

But the question remains that how Yahoo would gain anything through this buyout. If Yahoo has to make any profit, it would need to make the end users use Yahoo products through ads, e-commerce, services etc. And as of now, the Tumblr users may not be in the deal. So it may lead to a lose lose situation which means a sinking ship for both the users and the company.

But you may never know :)

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