Tips and Tricks for better System Performance

Hi people,

Following is the list to make your system performance better. These are easy tips to upgrade computing performance.

1) You can shut down your Windows XP system by going to Task Manager and selecting 'Shut Down' option . This option will shut down your windows faster than the conventional Start-Shut Down option.

2) Delete your Temporary Files, unwanted data as well as your History data in your Web Browsers

3) You can delete these unwanted data by using Window Washer software. It's a good one.

4) Defragment your drives in the system. This boosts speed as well as performance of the system.

5) Upgrade your browsers and software's to their latest version. Helps in increasing performance.

6) Use a light-weight anti-virus for protecting the system. Avast is really good on these lines. Also keep it updated

7) Keep a simple theme for your system. Avoid heavy themes, songs on Startup. Takes time while loading.

8) Delete programs from Startup which you don't want to use. Go to Run option and type msconfig. Under the window, go to Startup tab and uncheck the programs not required.

9) Scan the USB's or any other external disk drive for viruses before usage.

10) Avoid visiting fake websites and downloading it's contents. This can happen as spam mails or fake links can lead you there unaware.

11) Visit websites with valid certificates.

I'll post some more tips later on.

Cheers .......................

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