Grocery Shopping -- Go Virtual

This is a good one ...

If you got a smart phone and you happen to stay in South Korea, you won't need to waste time on shopping for groceries or items available for eating purposes. Welcome Virtual reality.

A store called home Plus (Tesco before), have come up with a very unique way of doing grocery shopping when on the move. They have made shopping an easy task to be done these days. They posted images of the items on the subway station walls. Images of foods that people shop on a store. They created what can be called as Virtual Stores.

The images are exactly similar to the items as seen in the shopping store.The only thing to be done is that if you like a certain product, you need to scan its QR code. This scanning facility is available with your smart phone. Once scanned, the payment can be done, and Viola !!! The product automatically gets added to your online shopping cart.

The Home delivery can then be done after you reach home so there's no fuss of items not being delivered on your doorstep on time. Another pros of this system is that the company has not invested in opening new shopping centers, maintaining them and most of all, you don't need to maintain certain products that are easily degradable like Fruits, Vegetables, Milk etc etc.

It's also useful because people who can't afford wasting their time on shopping can use this facility while being on the move. Talk about time management :)

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