The Google Art Project

Google has unveiled it's Art Project. The website boasts of images of art work from 41 countries from around the world. This includes 30,000 artworks from around 151 museums in super high resolution. This was called gigapixel that allows users to view paintings at brush stroke level. That's awesome :)

It includes some famous works from the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi and the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar to the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia and the Palace of Versailles in France. Also the street view is available for all the museums showcased in the website that displays high quality digitized images to access information.It's almost like getting your own private tour.

You can also discover and explore artwork by searching amongst collections, artists and artworks. You can also add your own artwork which are featured under 'User Galleries'. It would have been impossible to even view this artwork from all over the world since sometimes artwork is locked up in private collections and are not easily accessible and this project has brought all the artwork from around the world right at our one click. Also an artwork's details and its location via. Google Maps is also displayed.

I could find some favorites like the Last Supper, Bonaparte. Although the Mona Lisa from the Louvre is missing from the collection, news is that Google's trying to snatch a deal where they would have access to around 400,000 plus collection of art.

It's an incredible effort from their part to do all this. So much that Obama agreed to allow these guys to showcase the grand White House to be a part of the project. The video below shows behind the scenes at the White House tour.

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