Sixth Sense at its best

Pranav Mistry has developed a mechanism named 'SixthSense' which may change the way we live our lives. 

This wearable system enables anybody to bring in digital information out into the real world and by using moving hand gestures to use that information. It brings the information out in the real world by removing it out of its limits (like computer screens, tablets etc) and we can make use of this information by using our hand 'gestures'. Nothing ever of this sort and this magnitude has been introduced in front of us. Which is why it seems so amazing.

Some of the things that you can do can be video gaming on the wall (quite literally), browsing on the web on a piece of paper and much much more. You can do just about anything that you can imagine. Such can be the magnitude of this invention.

Just to explain in short, the hardware consists of a camera that captures video stream data and reads markers that are placed on our fingertips. A projector displays visual information on any surface that you want to use as an interface. Our hand gestures and the objects that the camera records are interpreted by using computer based vision techniques.

When I first saw this video it was completely awe-inspiring, a jaw-dropping clip that was totally out of this world.

This mechanism is completely open-source.and the information on how to build this mechanism is given in complete detail on his website.

Below is a 2 part video series that explains how he went about conceiving the entire mechanism and put it into use. Here it is below,

Do Enjoyy .. Else you would miss it :)

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