Universe Scale Flash Website

I found a website recently. One of the best that I've ever seen.

It's completely made of Flash and it looks super cool. The website gives information about different man-made creations, inventions, discoveries and naturally occurring objects around the world. Not only around but ranging from the largest to the smallest objects that exist in the universe.

A scroll bar is present at the bottom that lets us move from the smallest to the largest objects and vice-versa. Clicking on the objects will then display a small window at its side. The window will give information about the object like where it was found/discovered/invented/exists etc. It's dimensions are also displayed and also the significance of the object can be read on the window.

The size of the state of the object can be viewed just above the scroll bar at its right. It would be 10 to the power of a number. The number would be positive or negative going by the size of the state of the object. The sizes vary from billions and billions of metres from +ve to -ve. (Never even heard of one size called yottameter which is 10 power 24 meters). This and many many other types of information has been given out from this website.

The link is here.

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