Transparency - The future in technology

With innovations going around at its peak, we get to see some enthralling, mind blowing and some really awesome technology never seen before.

It is this imagination and level of thinking that people put to use these days and it will get even better in the coming future.

The below videos tells why we're going to have a neat host of amazing technological gizmos.

That is a sure game changer. It is difficult to imagine if a product of such nature gets introduced in the market.   The impact of such a product on the notebook market is humongous.

The same goes for flexible OLED display mobile phones from Samsung. It is made up of plastic so the screen stays safe even if the phone falls off a height. lus it would be water-proof.

Just consider the situation if Samsung were to patent this technology. This would surely make Samsung the leader in smart phones.

So Samsung and Apple are definitely in the race to develop mass production of these transparent devices and this is possible only after some years. Question is what will the other competitors do. That will be needed to be figured out.

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