Google Lunar. The breakthrough initiative

Google Lunar is an initiative by a non-profit organization named X-Prize foundation which has joined forces with Google. The project is called "Moon 2.0". It is to bring about path-breaking innovations in the fields of science and technology. To come up with solutions not possible  They have introduce large-scale prized competitions with an ultimate aim to promote research and development in these fields. The even ultimate aim is to send a robot to the moon.

They have been able to garner the support of top companies, individuals and groups. This includes space agencies like NASA, ESA and JAXA. Moreover, the renowned James Cameron and writer Arthur C. Clarke have also extended their support to this cause. A statement on its webpage says "The $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon". How cool is that.

The prize goes to the team who will be able to send a robot to the moon, make it travel a distance of about 500 metres and make it send images, videos and other corresponding data back to Earth. Phew talk about competition. The closing dates for this competition have already gone by and the teams are now preparing for the same. Total of 26 teams from around the world have been identified and approved for this humongous task. Participants are put into high-profile sub-competitions which is a step further to win the grand prize. 

Google has been pro-actively taking this task to a new level. With backing of some of the blue-chip companies, funding for this project should never be a problem. They have been constantly updating about the latest happenings in the quest to reach the moon. Talk about sky being the limit.

The webpage is GoogleLunar. And the following video provides a good idea of their goals.

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