The best time saving technology tips

This article contains some interesting and time saving techniques when you are using a technological application, tool or if you want to avoid some unnecessary hassles.

1. If you are accessing a webpage, and you quickly want to go to the bottom of the page you would take your mouse/cursor always go to the scroll bar and scroll down. Instead, you can hit a space-bar. A space-bar hit takes you one page bottom of the web-page. Similarly, pressing a Shift Key + Space-bar takes you one page upwards of the web-page.

2. On a web-page you can move onto other fields of the form by hitting the Tab key. If you are on a drop down field and want to select a value, just enter the alphabet from which the value starts. Suppose if you want to select the country 'Australia' just enter an 'A'. If you want to select the value 'Duck', enter a 'D'.

3. For increasing the font size of the webpage, hit a Ctrl Key + '+' key. Similarly, for decreasing the font size hit a Ctrl Key + '-' sign.

4. When you want to highlight a word on the webpage, don't drag the word from the left to right or vice versa using a mouse. Just double-click the word. it will neatly select the required word on the web-page. Click again to select the entire statement containing the word.

The tips mentioned above work for all web browsers for all systems.

5. On a smartphone, if you want to redial a number, just hit the 'Call' button. The phone will put the last dialed button on the number box.

6. On a smartphone, if you want to put a full-stop, you don't need to change the character modes and then select a '.'. Instead, just hit the space-bar key twice on the display. The phone will insert a '.' for you.

The above tips work for all smartphones for all systems.

Hope you liked the time saving tips.

Enjoy :)

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