Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is way behind Apple and Google in it's race to attract mobile phone users towards it's Windows OS. 

But their new Windows 8 phone may change that. The new phone may become Nokia's and its's greatest hopes to compete against their rivals. Microsoft recently gave out some information regarding their new OS and they also stated some important platform changes.

It confirmed that the Os will support multi-core chips. Also on a 64-core machine which is humongous for a phone. It will also support WXGA, WVGA with old application running on new software as well. It will facilitate users to port their applications from Android and IOS. 

The OS will support micro-SD cards and will include Nokia's turn by turn navigation. If business is considered, the phone will support secure boot, encryption and other usual Office applications. The start up will have a new start screen, which will allow users to personalize their phones with colors and updates.

However, one disappointment is that people who have purchased a Nokia in 2012, won't have this latest piece of OS in their phones. They will need to switch their phones once the new OS is in the market. But representatives of Microsoft have said that they will offer a separate update for Windows later on so that the existing users can use a similar functionality.

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