What is Pinterest

The world's witnessed some fascinating and amazing networking websites around the years, to add to the list we have one more around now.

Welcome to Pinterest !!!

So what exactly is Pinterest???. At first I thought it was just another boring networking website trying to be cool on the face of the earth, but it ain't. It showcases our interests and our likes in an altogether different fashion.

Pinterest is more about showing or in other words following what we like. Be it Fashion, Food, Pets, Art etc etc. There is little focus on making friends which may turn out to be a breather for most of us, considering we already have FB and Plus to cover this aspect. But considering Pinterest provides a Facebook login to start with, that takes care of the argument about any rivalry.

Pinterest provides a mosaic style display of the posts that people have created or shared by pinning others boards(articles). We can like, comment or pin(share) any post that we're following on the website. We can follow our Facebook friends as well as follow new ones.


It gives us option to create a new board, on any of our likes or interest. This website is purely information sharing which is what people may also want these days. Click here for the link.

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