Internet Blackout. Can we afford it?

We may have potentially faced the worst because of this blackout that occurred on 9th July this year. The Internet blackout as they say resulted, in around 4 million systems being susceptible to the virus.

Systems not being properly monitored or kept safe by anti-virus or anti-malware programs would have been hit tremendously.This situation badly urges computer users to keep their systems safe of such commonly occurring attacks. Attacks that may have effects as bad or greater than what we've seen. 

My article also stresses on maintaining your computer systems to derive enhanced performance. Use an effective anti-virus software either free or on purchase. It's not important to have a heavy software as it occupies much of your resources. A reliable one is sufficient.

The virus which spread to innumerable number of countries intended to alter the user's DNS settings which would always lead the user to fraudulent websites profiting the attackers.

These few websites and are useful to let you know if your system is affected.

A system well taken care of will work the best and most optimum for many many years, the same way when you had bought it, provided you take care of it and avoid unsure ways of operations.

Better to prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair :)

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