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The technology upgrades are moving at a rapid pace every single day across the globe. And of the good places to see this technological progress is Dubai.

Dubai is undergoing a fast change as a technologically rich city undergoing vast and significant developmental changes. With Hotels and Shopping Malls to Residential areas and recreational places, its technology prowess always comes into picture.

There was the world's tallest building the Burj-Al-Arab (for a little while), the Burj Khalifa, then there was the largest man-made island. And now they have the world's largest underwater hotel.

Called the Water Discus hotel, this place takes you to the marine world. It has a futuristic design like in the Star Trek movies. It has disk shapes both above as well as below the water level that is not seen before.

Water Discus Hotel

The designers mention its modular design means it is transferable and can be moved in case of environmental or economic concerns.

In addition to a stay under the sea, guests can take advantage of the diving center, underwater vehicles for hire, a spa, a garden and even more.

Water Discus Hotel Room

The rooms under water have views of the ocean and sea life.

Next is the popular fountain show of Dubai.  This is the world's largest fountain and it's in the below video.

Next comes the Dubai Mall. It's one of the best technological marvels of the world.

There you have it. The complete leisure destination well equipped with the best of the world.

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