The Future is here- Google glass, Smartwatch


The above lines are so true. What we had seen in Star Trek, Star Wars, Minority Report and other futuristic movies may be coming to reality sooner than expected. With new scientific discoveries and path-breaking innovations being introduced almost every single day from across all the parts of the globe, we are indeed heading fast to the futuristic era.

This is not only about smartphones. Technology has advanced to an extent where anything imaginable is possible now.

We have witnessed the wonder called the Google Glasses. Wearable glasses with the technology capability of Google on your eyes. The below video showing guys from Google bungee jumping and providing the video feed captured by the glasses is simply outstanding.

Also with Maps, Audio Video descriptions, Camera, Online search and other featured built-in in the glasses, it is simply outstanding. Refer more information from this link

However, with these glasses.not allowed in few places, owing to its ability to record anything might just be the response not expected.

It has also come in the news that Microsoft is working on a Smart watch. It will have a 1.5 inch display and will be touch enabled. It may also have curved glass as a wearable object. The Pebble smart watch and the Martian Passport Watch are already on its way.

News is that even Apple, Samsung and Google are on their way to design and introduce a smart watch. It would be interesting to see how it all works out between these companies.

Dubai is one hot spot for tourists now. The wonders of Dubai is their technology specialty. The Water Discus hotel, the Burj-Khalifa, Burj Al-arab, the Dubai Mall and the other vastly growing buildings and residential spaces are the reason Dubai is a global destination. Refer this article for more.

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