Google's new tabbed Gmail

Google has introduced ways to cut our time in checking our e-mails.

Welcome to tabbed mails.

Using this methodology, our e-mails will get divided into certain sections. This will be done so that we can only check the mails that we want to check. For example, if you want to check a mail sent by your close friend, you don't need to search that mail from the host of e-mails that you get everyday.

Instead, since your mails will get sorted into sections, you can enter a section (tab), and check your e-mail in a jiffy. Well, this is tabbed e-mail system and it should work great in your inbox too.

This will help you to prioritize your e-mails that are really important for you.

Google tabbed Gmail Inbox

This method is not enabled by default. To enable it, go to your email 'Settings', click on 'Configure Inbox'. The different tabs available are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Since your mails will be sorted in this format, you can check your mails in a flash and spend less time for other unimportant mails.

The below video also describes it all,

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