Apple's newest products and plans

The Apple craze is reaching far beyond than what is imagined. The word "Apple" only gives one search result on Google if the fruit is what is needed :) . Steve Jobs's legacy won't be easy to fill as he has created a level of expectancy never ever created on such a global scale. Tim Cook has a huge job on his hand guys. Only time will tell what happens next.

Well, Apple will still come up with genuine ideas as it always has and it shows with what they are bringing in front of us.

Firstly, Apple has decided to go green. Well they already had and with referring an article from Steve Jobs, Apple is or will be a world leader in recycling its products. The're doing it all ranging from removing toxic stuff from their products to taking pro-active steps for max. recycling.

Apple Cloud I-Tunes
The users will not be loaded with tons of songs that they need to carry around in their hard-drives or worry about data loss. Some data is stored on the user's system and the remaining data is stored on the Cloud. This way the piracy influence would go down.

A 65-inch screen displaying Apple apps. Sounds cool huh. The infrared projected from the camera will analyze movements in front of the screen. And behave the way you want it to behave. You can gesture with your hand movements, tell it to display something else, email, load an app., watch HD movies, Video chat and many many more cool stuff. You can do it all here.

This one will be a hit. You can use this cup to heat the drink inside the cup using a USB drive connected to any device. The Apple logo on the cup is used to indicate the temperature of the drink inside so you know when to reheat it again if required.
You would save on power and this will offer convinience and ease at work and at home.

The iBoard and the iMat

The pic says it all

There's absolutely nothing to stop this guy . God knows what he'll come up with next . Well we can be sure it will be the best :)

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