NASA's "Eyes on the Planet" Website Application

NASA has launched a new website application that allows user's to view the cosmos like never before. It's called the "Eyes on the Planet". It's a 3D environment that lets you navigate around the solar system.

You can travel through space and time, control it too,experience missions and loads of other stuff. Users can make use of the virtual NASA spacecrafts too. The entire app is made up of models of the elements that make up our solar system. You can view planets, comets,asteroids and a host of many other things. The application is free and is available at

The application will need an installation of it's Unity 3D plug-in. It also includes tutorials on how to get along with the app. Once the setup is complete, you can click on "Explore the Solar System" to get started. You can find the rest of the details in this video. Everything is clearly explained.

This app. is a real treat for space lovers as you can surf through the universe without leaving your chair, and probably go where no man has ever gone before :)

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