From Hotmail to Newmail

Microsoft has nowadays been kept busy by fellow competitors to hold on to its e-mail service customers. To keep the interest going on its e-mail service, the Silicon Valley giants have decided to give a makeover to its long serving Hotmail.

Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and launched in July 1996.

This e-mail service is close to getting 2 decades old and is the world's largest web-based email service with 364 million members, followed by Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, respectively. It is available in 36 different languages.

The new e-mail service will be called 'NewMail'. It may bear some resemblance to Gmail owing to its similar font. The search engine Microsoft Bing also shares a similar web interface as Google search engine with the search results getting displayed in the same blue font and style.

The new service will keep the user updated on their Facebook and Twitter activities as well. This will help Microsoft enter the world of social networking, diverting from it's products that used to focus purely on office softwares.

This service will work properly on mobile devices, tablets etc. Microsoft has some bigger targets to achieve on the Social Networking front. Integrating other networking services on it's products is a good idea sure to keep the customers on their pages and increase their market.

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