Amazing Tools by Google - II. The Mapmaker, Search and Scholar


For all those who love working around Maps and editing geographical information this is the one. By using Google Map Maker, you can easily upload, edit, add and create relevant geographical details in the map. This is applicable to around 200 countries but remember any changes or editing done by you will go to the moderators for approval. After approving your changes, it will be accessible.


Scholar is like an online library tool to those who are into academics; a user can easily look for books, content, documents, articles and thesis. If you are looking for a specific document that is available online then you can easily search it out using Scholar.


The best thing that Google offers to its users is the ability to utilize numerous applications that too via SMS. If we take for example search, you can easily conduct a web based news search, get the latest info on movies, cricket scores by merely sending an SMS to  9773300000. The results will be received instantly via SMS. Interestingly even if you do not own a Smartphone you can still use this service as it is SMS based and it has nothing to do with data connectivity either. In addition, if you like to receive latest updates then you can register with Google Calendar.

Have fun !!!

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