WatsApp and a Billion $$$

Going once .. Going twice .. Going thrice .. and it's a Billion !!!

Rumor has it that the most popular mobile chat software 'WatsApp' may be going for sale. The party to buy this mobile czar is none other than our next door neighbor 'Google'. Seriously if Google does buy WatsApp, nothing can beat the Internet Giants.

What's interesting is that last year or so FB has been on the lookout to buy WatsApp. But it seems that the deal just never took off. WatsApp being the best mobile chat messenger may be having other plans. But WatsApp can do big things if it sticks to what it has been doing rather than sell off your greatest and the most popular idea to net giants. 

Look at FB, they have gone miles from where they have started. From a simple social networking start-up leading to a billion dollar jackpot. And now FB deals with e-Commerce, Ads, Apps of all nature and sizes, Chat, Messaging, Groups and a whole lot of user benefit initiatives. That's what time does. You think, scratch hard and your start-up is a profit making venture. 

I would really like WatsApp to go the long way. It's tough but it's worth taking a risk :)

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