The Chinese OS

In a move that could disappoint the OS giants, the Chinese government has asked Canonical to help them build an OS which will be specific for Chinese users on a whole. The new operating system will be called Ubuntu Kylin.

This OS will support Chinese dates and the language too. Kylin may also be able to run on websites, Shops, Portals etc.

This news also explains the intentions of the chinese to spread and support their technology to the world. Control over the Internet being the previous news.

This means a no-no to the known OS makers on the Chinese lands. Initially in a move, Microsoft had raised concerns to China over the growing piracy of their operating system and had put pressure to stop this rampant piracy. 

With the Chinese coming with their own version of an OS, this may completely stop dependency on the West. Because an OS is just the beginning, later on many more technological dependencies may be stopped like software applications, Support and maintenance applications, Hardware, Machinery and much more stuff.

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