To Do things to keep your environment safe

You want to do something for your environment but can't think of anything. Here's some things you can do to contribute towards being environment friendly and simultaneously telling others about it too.

1. If you work in a company, you know that everyday there are hundreds and thousands of print outs getting printed every single day. That itself is a huge huge load on paper which in turn falls on trees. To reduce the load, reduce your prints.
If there is a bulk of print outs that you want to print, just reduce the font size of your entire document. 
So for example, if you want to print 10 papers of a document, you might end up utilizing only 8 papers. That is a neat saving of paper sheets. If this is the case with one individual, just imagine the saving we can do with billions every single day.

2. You keep your phone on charge mode, you see your phone is charged 100%. Yet we sometimes ignore to remove the charger off our phone and keep the charging going. This is not a good practice.
It only ends up over heating our phone and wasting precious electricity. Start charging only up to a limit that is required. This will save our time and money too.
So switch off your AC's, Gaming consoles and other stuff when not required.

3. We sometimes forget or overlook to switch off the electric plug when we are done with our chores or watching TV for example. The bad part of this is it leads to current getting leaked also called as leakage current. 
The result is the same. Avoiding this practice can lead to a less money wastage.

4. You can also save power by just changing the URL of your favorite search engine. Google had launched a new webpage called 'Blackle' which saves power because of its black screen. So logging onto Blackle can save power.

5. Participate in Earth Hour initiatives. Such initiatives do help saving power, resources etc. Or you might not even need an Earth Hour. Just do your own Earth Hour.

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