Tweet in Rhythm

Oh yes, get ready to tweet the rhythm. Twitter has just launched a music functionality. It is called 'We are Hunted'.

Twitter bought this new start-up with an intention to reach out to the masses with the profound music culture. 

The music application will provide the user with newly released Songs, Albums information from around the globe. Check out this official website for more information

As the trend continues, this social giant has also got to acquire new start-ups to expand their value in the social networking market.

We are hunted determines trending songs and artists and gives this information to the users. This australian based company have announced that they will provide their services by joining hands with Twitter.

We are Hunted will allow online music streaming by using SoundCloud. This application will also allow video  streaming via. Vevo. And if this app also allows music purchase, ads display and other stuff, we would have a new competitor to the e-Commerce business.

So now people can tweet and listen to their favorite music and watch videos too. Looks like We are Hunted surely got into hunting it right !!!

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