Cloud Computing Simplified .....

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In this post, I will explain (in short) what Cloud Computing (CC) exactly means and what are the advantages of implementing it. This term has been found confusing for a lot of people and I hope to clear at least a few of the doubts.

The Infrastructure (Hosting) is one aspect of CC. Suppose you want to host a website and you host your website on servers. As your demand grows, until recently you would have hired more servers and you end up paying more,spending more time and effort. You would pay for this service continuously irrespective of whether you use it or not.

With CC, you can host your website on a 'Cloud' and get started instantly. As your demand grows, you can scale up computing resources as and when you require. If your website traffic drops down you can scale down instantly too. You won't need to waste time on (managing servers, install and upgrade softwares, databases). It's managed by paying up a certain fee.

You don't access or need to take care of your physical resources in this way. You just pay for it and focus more on the Website/Application/Business.

In this way you can rent computing resources (like databases, softwares, network ,storage etc etc.) and get started with your work instantly. If you've used e-mail accounts then you have used some form of Cloud Computing because you get the storage space of the mail service providers.

Some problems the CC might face is with the security and authorization concerns. Storing company data in a space provided by another source can make the users hesitate. The privacy needs to be ensured. Their must be enough security measures in place to protect client data and many other reasons.

I'll add up more details (simplified) ones later on ...

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